V. 0.9.1 B

Getting Started

What is Jambattle?

Jambattle is a fun and exciting way to create and learn music. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or experienced musician - Jambattle is for everyone!

Jambattle provides music backing tracks in form of competitions, we call them battles. Your job is to select a battle and play a solo, sing or rap over a backing track to create your own remix.

A battle goes always through three stages during it's life cycle:

1. JAM

Pick your favourite battle. Create your own remix by playing, singing or rapping over a backing track.


Listen to remixes from other contestants. Give points and leave constructive feedback.


After a battle is over, check detailed results. Earn rating points, medals, trophies and rank upgrades.

1. JAM - join a battle

A battle belongs to a certain musical genre and is targeted to a selected musical instrument.

Battles that are open for new remixes are found under JAM section. For example, if you play guitar and love blues, you may want to check out all blues battles for guitar. Listen to backing tracks attached to battles and pick a battle that attracts you most.

Creating your remix
After opening a battle page, you'll find a Participate button on top left corner. Click it.

You'll find out that there are two optional ways to create a remix:

a) Download backing track and create a remix using your favourite tool on your computer

b) Use Jambattle tool to record your solo or vocal on top of the backing track

Both methods end up to the same final step: submitting your remix to the battle.

After submitting your remix, if you have regrets, no worries. During the JAM phase you can delete your remix and resubmit a new entry - as many times as you want to.

To delete your remix, select "My Remixes" from top right menu, open your remix and press Delete button.

2. VOTE - review remixes

All participants will get an email notification when Vote phase starts.

Voting is super easy. Open a battle and scroll down to Remix section. Listen to remixes, write optional feedback and drag voting slider between values 0 and 100, indicating how much you liked a remix.

Press Vote button when ready. This sends your points and feedback immediately to the server and the header background color turns to green.

Mandatory votes
There are certain number of remixes that you have to vote. Remixes that are still waiting for your review are marked with an orange header.

Note, you are free to vote any number of remixes. You can also vote remixes even if you didn't participate a battle. You can also change your points or comments any time during the Vote phase.

3. CELEBRATE - check results and sip champagne

This is the easiest part. After Vote phase ends, you will get a notification and a link to the battle page. The page contains detailed results of the battle.

If you win a medal, gain a trophy or if your rank is upgraded you will get a private message with a link to your achievement.

You can browse all your achievements on your personal artist pages.